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Chi energy = Life Force, and so is orgone, prana, mana, etc. - there are many words for this energy! 
Now you can get a continuous supply of Life Energy / Orgone / Chi / Prana
off your Smartphone:  download a Chi-Card®, and make it the wallpaper,

and this means more Energy for you wherever you are.  Therefore you will have more power for body and mind, more power for fitness and sports, for affirmations, "treasure maps" or "vision boards," and any other method you use to achieve manifestation of your deepest desires
and the first two weeks are for FREE !!!
And you can download
Your Manifestation Ultimate app for android smartphone:

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and to see our equipment, see how it works and test it immediately right there you can call us on Skype!  our Skype address is:  chi.tec

Now you have also the opportunity to download
Your Manifestation Ultimate app for iPad / iPhone:

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Smartphone with chi card wallpaper - The Performer (top view) - The JU 99 with Power Booster

And by now imagine having the power
  to achieve the financial success and the independence that you always wanted,
to get this exciting relationship you always were dreaming about,
           redball  to achieve manifestation of your deepest desires,
               redball  to project popularity and charisma and to succeed in positions of leadership, and naturally
                  redball  to gain full control of your destiny!

Yes!  Using this exciting new technology of a Chi-Card® wallpaper on your smartphone, which is powered by an orgone generator®, you can start doing all of this with ease! 
This orgone generator®, which provides this extra power to you, can be either your own or it can be one in our labs!

And what's most important:  For two weeks you can have
the activated wallpaper on your smartphone for FREE !!
Refer friends and you get an additional two weeks for FREE
for each referral
, whenever a friend gets his/her own FREE
wallpaper.   The demo is extremely easy:  Simply let others feel
the energy off your smartphone or let them drink energized water,
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You certainly are familiar with
   redball  affirmations,
      redball  vision boards, (previously called "treasure maps")
          redball  the law of attraction,
              redball  the "secret" ...
                  redball  and many more methods to achieve success.

All of these operations towards your success and positive permanent change, some of which are quite easy to set up, all these practices have one thing in common: 
their CFP - Common Functional Principle - no matter what their labels, their extensive descriptions and their "rules" are.  In fact, this CFP - Common Functional Principle - is the actual scientific basis of all these methods, which makes them successful.  I said scientific not "alternative, esoteric" or similar stuff.  Consequently, when you know of this CFP - Common Functional Principle, then any and all operations are easy for you to set up without you needing to follow any one of the many "how to's, rules," etc., which are described in most of those "secret success approaches, cult rules, etBS, etBS" and this is so, because this new approach is naturally not based on cult fairy tales and the like. 

It is based on science:  The science of life force.  For more information about this, see www.magicofthefuture.com.

And consequently this exciting science-based approach can help you to perform your operations towards positive permanent change and success with ease and almost immediately you will notice that this is a lot easier than you think!

In fact, all of us have very easy access to these skills.  This is so, because we naturally were born with these amazing skills, and the only problem is that lots of "vested interests" always had an intent to "educate us out" of these skills, which every human being has naturally when born.  Those folks representing vested interests want to keep us in the position and state of mind to lovingly "serve" those in power - after all, every shepherd tries to have as many sheep as possible ...!  In fact, with the help of their fairy tales, those controlling outfits have been brainwashing us out of many of our birth rights, and they did so for tens of thousands of years ... results of pecking order! 

Therefore, once you are aware of this your background and your birth rights, it is very easy for you to regain many of these your natural skills, and you can do this rapidly:  Usually within a few weeks, at the most a couple of months, and definitely not years or decades, which quite a few esoteric outfits are trying to make you believe ... the typical cult approach, which is quite profitable for their "popes!"

And, what's even much nicer:  This exciting new approach it is for FREE: 
How powerful the applied life force technology is, you can test this for FREE,
and you can do this right now! 

Just get the FREE two-week wallpaper onto your smartphone
    or get a chi-card®. 
This will provide you with the evidence, which you always wanted, and it's absolutely for free, and this certainly can be your basis of a knowledge, which within a very short period of time can provide you with new access to those "lost powers of attraction" and the knowledge of how you can regain these powers rapidly and how you can use them to positively and permanently change your destiny for the better and also to help others in their quest for success. 
I also invite you here to study the FREE courses, which I made available for everybody:  Advanced courses of Self-Improvement and Manifestation Techniques, which are fast and easy to master.

And yes, this is technology, plain and simple: 
Technology, which can be a decisive help for you

  redball  to be successful in all your operations
     redball  it is technology, which is affordable for any person
        redball  it is technology, the power of which you can test immediately right now and for FREE
           redball  so that you have the evidence, which you always desired, i.e., evidence which you need to know and which can provide you with the ultimate and decisive confidence about achieving the success you always wanted.

redball  redball  redball  And at the same time you can make good money already while you learn - and reacquire - your "lost skills!"

Click Here to learn why life force is the power, which makes possible for you positive permanent change and manifestation of your intents and affirmations

Yes !!!  You can achieve manifestation of Positive Permanent Change Now !!!
This is so, because by now you can set up your Chi-Card® as a wallpaper on your smartphone and consequently you can enjoy results wherever you are, whether you are in your home or thousands of miles away, and you can do so 24-7 !!!   Especially when you have also the manifestation ultimate app installed (for android or i-pad i-phone).
In fact, you can use this exciting new technology to work towards getting

Your deepest desires become reality by boosting
redball  Your affirmations,
redball  Your manifestation techniques,
redball  Your vision boards = Your "treasuremaps", etc.,
with the help of beneficial Chi Energy, which radiates from the wallpaper Chi-Card®, which is empowered by a structural link to a Chi Generator®. 

What's more important: By now it's extremely easy to boost your affirmations towards the results, which you desired deep down and dreamed about for a long time: 

   redball  towards positive enjoyable relationships and great sex,
redball  friendships,
redball  charisma,
redball  towards energy,
redball  success in profession and business,
redball  a new car,
redball  for a more enjoyable home,
redball  enjoyable vacations,
and much more ... you define it! 

Most important:  Now you can test it for FREE, and this way you can get direct evidence of the power of Chi Energy immediately!

The most amazing thing about this Chi-Card® wallpaper on your Smartphone: it naturally counteracts the effects of electromagnetic pollution!  This for sure is exciting news for you!  Test it now!
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Click here to see our Catalog             Skype address: chi.tec   

In fact, all you need to do now is to set up your smartphone as a living center of beneficial Chi Energy, which is coming from the Chi Generator® to which the Chi-Card®-Wallpaper on your Smartphone is connected: This beneficial Chi Energy is transferred to you either
(1) from your own Chi Generator®
(2) from a Chi Generator® in our labs,
  and in both cases this transfer is done by way of your Chi-Card® Wallpaper setup: 

Therefore, to get results is extremely easy for you:  Simply set up your Chi-Card® as a Wallpaper on your Smartphone, and the resulting Chi Energy, which is transferred to you by way of the structural link (your Chi-Cards®), has multiple functions, all of which are great opportunities for you.

  With the Chi-Card® as a wallpaper, your smartphone has the function of a powerful EMF protection shield by continuously counteracting the effects of EMF's (electromagnetic frequencies), whether they are radiating from your mobile phone or from any other source close by such as fluorescent lights, microwave ovens, etc.
  Now Your Smartphone is supplying you with powerful and beneficial Chi energy wherever you are, for as long it has the Chi-Card® as a wallpaper,
  and naturally you can use your Smartphone now to achieve manifestation of your deepest desires by way of speaking affirmations into your smartphone and loop it or by running the manifestation app on your smartphone, which is providing you with additional precision, or by setting up the transfer wallpaper together with a symbol representing your desires or a description of them - written onto the wallpaper.
  The energy, which your Smartphone provides now is also great for Sports, Fitness, Workouts, Body Building, Weight Loss, Yoga and any other type of physical training.
  You can connect the energy, which your Smartphone provides now with the Chi-Card® with the Feng-Shui energy of your choice or with any other energy-link of your choice.  All it takes is making a wallpaper which has the Feng-Shui energy on it plus the Chi-Card®, which connects with a orgone-generator® in our labs or with your own orgone-generator®:  Feng Shui made much easier and much more flexible than that complicated re-structuring of buildings and being in the "correct Feng Shui corner" of the desired energy whenever this specific energy is desired.  With this Feng-Shui setup you can have the desired energy wherever you are and whenever you want it.  Much more flexibility !!!
  And something very important:  As described above, the power of the Chi-Card® setup on your smart phone does lots of things, which no "sticker" or any other such contraption can do:  Whenever you are in surroundings with negative energy output ("DOR" = deadly orgone energy) coming from phone towers, fluorescent lighting and the like, it counteracts these effects.  In fact, it transforms DOR back into healthy orgone, or Chi energy,
  and much, much more !!!

    With this exciting new setup, Life Force for Your Body and Mind coming from the Chi Ge
nerators® (yours or ours) will radiate from your smartphone continuously, and consequently you can enjoy powerful results of your affirmations, manifestation techniques, images of intents or the setup of the manifestation ultimate app, no matter how far away you are from your Chi Generator®, which supplies this beneficial energy: whether you are just in another room in your home or on another continent, you can work with the same amout of Chi energy and power !!!  Moreover, using one of our Manifestaiton Ultimate apps, you can define the mode of its action, i.e., your desires and intents, right on your smartphone - again:  It's extremely easy, any time and anywhere!
    This is so, because the Chi Generators® are the cutting edge equipment that can be a significant and decisive help in your achieving success and positive permanent change wherever and whenever you want to do so.  Moreover, connecting your smartphone to this energy is extremely easy, and, as I mentioned already, this energy on your smartphone also provides you with powerful EMF protection, i.e., this EMF shield counteracts and harmonizes any microwave and other frequencies as well as DOR that are radiating from the cellular phone or from anywhere else.

Click here and you can get the evidence right away, and, most importantly, you can get this your first energy boost, EMF protection and affirmation boost, and all of this for FREE for two weeks!

Therefore, get your FREE two-week chi-card® now !!!

There are numerous skills,
which were thought to be psychic,
miracles, shamanism or magic in the past.
In fact, by now you know that all these skills are
powerful technology, which you can use with the same ease
that it takes to watch TV, to use your telephone or to drive a car.
With this exciting test you can get the evidence that you always desired !!!

And again: Click here to see Your Options and Opportunities
- or Click Below:

(1) Your own Chi-Card® setup whenever you have your own Chi Generator®:  email us and get your Smartphone image for free or design your own - print it, put the image as wallpaper of your smartphone and put the printed image next to your own Chi Generator®.  Advantage:  You can define the frequency of your choice.  email us!

(2) Your Chi-Card® setup:  Get your Smartphone Chi-Card® image for a monthly fee and put it as wallpaper on to your smartphone.  This Chi-Card is powered by a Chi Generator® in our labs.

(3) Click Here to get Your Chi-Card® Promotional Setup:  Get your Smartphone image for free for two weeks - set as wallpaper on to your smartphone.  This Chi-Card® is powered by a Chi Generator® in our lab.

(4) Then you can help your friends, and for each person whom you help to get his/her two-week chi-card (also for free), your card gets an additional two weeks for free, i.e., your card will be connected for an additional two more weeks for each person whom you help to join.

(5) Furthermore, you can receive very good money when promoting this technology as an affiliate or reseller! Click here for more info!  You can join training sessions online and eventually you can broadcast your own web parties and you certainly can receive great rewards!

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