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Yes !!!  Some good Info about how you can handle
the negative impact of Electro Magnetic Frequencies !!!

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Using the Chi-Card® wallpaper to Boost Potency and Sex

redball  The Orgone Generators® are the most advanced tools to support your sex life.  This is so, because life energy is intrinsically connected with sexual energy. 

redball  This is a reason why Wilhelm Reich has chosen the word “orgone” for life energy, which he derived from the word “orgasm,” because it was his scientific research of the function of orgasm, based on which Wilhelm Reich re-defined life energy.
In fact, we have a specialty power booster for this exciting purpose

redball  This potency booster is made of a very special proprietary formula of super orgonite® and it can be driven by any chi generator® (orgone generator®) – best is an orgone generator® with water optimizing characteristics.

redball  You can test this extremely useful friend and assistant for free.
This way you know how it works!

redball  And it carries a one month money-back guarantee – no questions asked! 

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