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The Chi-Card® as a wallpaper on your smart phone or printed out (credit card size) in your pocket or wallet can act as an “Energetic STEROID” to develop MUSCLES and to win in sports competitions

Such “Energetic STEROIDS” you can also use to boost sports teams, for instance when connected to an app on your smartphone.  Unlike chemical steroids, this "energetic steroid" is perfectly legal and, most importantly, it defies detection!

Having an unlimited supply of Chi energy compares to having an invisible "energetic steroid" available at all times. The big difference is that Chi energy does not have the side effects of steroids (quite to the contrary!), plus it is perfectly legal! In fact, if you decided to use actual legal performance enhancers, muscle enhancers, etc., you can charge these supplements with Chi energy, adding the intent of better results. Even if it was illegal, there would be absolutely no way one could gain proof that an overwhelmingly effective opponent uses it.

In fact, if you are involved in competitive sports, it will be good for you to take advantage of this excitingly effective opportunity before your opponent(s) get that idea.

Chi energy is not a substitute for skills.  What it does, it naturally can boost stamina, endurance and sheer power. Furthermore, together with manifestation and affirmation setups it certainly can also enhance precision, charisma, aggression, learning of new techniques and rapid adaptation to challenges.

In fact, you can also work on opponents by using your apps and, for instance, sending stamina in combination with a lack of its control, confusion, and the like.

Lee Bennett, UK champion in full contact karate has been using the Performer 2400 for many years now!  Click Here!

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