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Your Chi-Card® on your mobile phone can be decisive in sports performance and competitions

The Chi-Card®, which is connected to one or more Orgone Generators® is the ideal tool to improve skills in any sports activity of your choice, in competitive sports, in body building, as it does in general fitness training and weight control.

Yes! Now you certainly can boost your ATTITUDE and OUTLOOK with the help of Chi-energy supported AFFIRMATIONS and consequently you can be the true elite in your field of experience, profession, etc.
This way you also can get rid of FEAR
You can boost performance of INDIVIDUALS
The daily work ROUTINES of the sports professional and for fitness workouts - make them as effective as they can be supporting them with your affirmations.
This certainly can help you to make it all the way to the TOP !!

Quite naturally, your Chi-Card® (wallpaper on your smartphone or physical Structural Link Card), which is connected to a Chi Generator® in combination with affirmations is the ideal tool to improve your skills in general as well as in the activities of your choice, in competitive sports, in body building, as well as in general fitness training and weight control.

You can use it to improve your stamina, endurance, precision, agression, etc. The Equipment makes easy to maintain your routines, whether you are a professional or practice sports or exercises to stay fit.

Moreover, as a result of the performance boost and the massive energy that you can get from the Chi Generator®, you can boost your own confidence in competitive sports. Your positive attitude can increase, and with this the confidence that you will achieve that which you plan to achieve. Such confidence is an essential ingredient when it comes to develop strategies towards victory. A positive attitude like this also reduces and even eliminates potential fears of failure, which could negatively influence the outcome of your aspirations.

You can use specific frequencies to improve your stamina, endurance, precision, aggression, etc.

Moreover, you can boost your own confidence in competitive sports, shatter the cohesion of opponents by projecting self-confidence, cause them be overly confident and at the same time making mistakes, and employ well-designed strategies and tactics that can help you win.

Each desired effect has its specific frequency. For instance, 7.83 Hz is excellent for general well-being, 20 Hz is ideal for fitness, physical stamina and weight control. Also check the Performer Series for more information concerning specific frequencies for sports, fitness and well-being.

Recommended Equipment:
(1) SPP 99 CE - Sports Performance Power Chi Energizer™ - an Orgone Generator® that is specially designed to enhance stamina and sports performance.

(2) TF 99 CE - The Total Fitness Chi Energizer™ - Specially designed for fitness training and to get in shape.

(3) GPP 99 CE - for Golf Precision Power and any other sport that requires precision such as target shooting and weight lifting.

(4) The Performer 2400 - A Heavy Duty orgone generator® for the Professional with 12 settings

(5) The PFC 2000 or the PFC 2400

Lee Bennett, UK champion in full contact karate has been using the Performer 2400 for many years now!  Click Here!

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